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Dreams set sail in Bolivia

2019-09-26     Source:


One year ago, I came to Bolivia which is on the other shore of the ocean and worked for Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation Bolivia branch. When I first arrived in Santa Cruz, it was alternating between winter and summer, and there were leafy trees and plants everywhere. However, a sudden high fever gave me the first overseas HSSE class. At first, I only thought of this fever as a common cold. Whereas my colleagues asked me carefully about my condition and seriously told me the story of the company's general manager Yang Cheng's “cold”. In 2010, General Manager Yang Cheng went to Bolivia alone to expand the new market. Once, he came back from the front of the project and got a fever. The hot sweat was accompanied by severe pain. After being hospitalized, he was diagnosed with dengue fever. Fortunately, the treatment was timely, which blocked the development of the disease.



Since then, the company had placed great emphasis on the risk of tropical diseases. The Chinese and English version of the “Infectious Diseases Summary” was made, equipped with a “small medicine box” for preventing mosquitoes. This allowed employees working in South America to firmly establish risk prevention awareness from the very beginning. Since then, I had become more aware of the importance of overseas HSSE work.



In the summer of Santa Cruz, every color in nature was in full bloom. But my colleagues and I didn’t have time to appreciate these scenes. Our daily work was very intense and busy. At that time, the Bolivian general election was under way, and YPFB slowed down the pace of tendering for the wellbore and geophysical exploration projects. Subsequent market replacement difficulties, the company’s survival and development faced severe challenges.



The project personnel were engaged in information selection, market research and accurate calculations over and over again. Wang Yi, a colleague of the market development department, postponed his wedding period for work. Young colleague Hu Zhenzi does both administrative work and translation work. Facing the Bolivia's strict labor policy, she negotiated meticulously. Every day, we were all full of power, and we were working hard to realize our dreams!



For the first time, I felt that it was not a golden autumn, but the good news of the harvest came in turn. The company had successively signed three rig contracts. After cheering, problems popped up one after another. The extension of the letter of guarantee was blocked; the owner requested to shorten the time; The local bank had no quota, and the CCB quota couldn’t be activated.



Company leaders and project finance staff communicated with Beijing headquarters almost every day, and conference calls were still being held at 1 am. Writing materials overnight became a normal state. With the close cooperation of all parties, the difficult problems were finally overcome and the contract was successfully signed.



The winter in Santa Cruz was long and varied, you can feel the difference temperature of the four seasons in one day. After Sinopec Service Huadong won the bid for the Andina drilling rig project, the rig was going to be imported from Algeria. Bolivia's customs declaration policy is complicated, and the oil approval process is even more cumbersome. In order to make sure there is no mistake, a logistics department colleague Liu Yang has not returned to China for a vacation for 6 consecutive months. The original return date has been changed many times, and the agreement with his child has not come true.



I once dreamed of going to the farthest place in the world. When I was young, I only felt that?the dream?should be?great and far away; When entering 40, I realized that?the dream?could be?plain and persistent. The four seasons change on the other shore, and the memory is beautiful!

曾经梦想去世界最远的地方。年轻时,只觉得梦想就是伟大和遥远;不惑时,方知梦想即是?#38477;?#19982;坚守。彼岸四季更迭,回首皆是美好!(崔漩/文 戴领/译 )





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